Prachin Konkan Museum, Ratnagiri - Jayesh Paranjape
Buddha's Mahaparinirvana, Ajantha Caves - Jayesh Paranjape
Tiger chasing a Sambar, Tadoba Tiger Reserve - Vishal Bansod
Typical Ghat in Konkan - Dhananjay Kulkarni
Purnagad Beach, Ratnagiri - Vidyuth Dileep Singh
Impatiens in full bloom, Kaas Plateau - Kedar Champhekar
Malvan Backwaters, Sindhudurg - Dhananjay Kulkarni
Konkan's speciality - Ukadiche Modak - Shekhar Tulpule
Panhalekaji Caves  - Vidyuth Dileep Singh
Tiger watching, Pench Tiger Reserve  - Kartik Mahajan

The Western Routes welcomes you to its warm, celebrated homeland.

Here, while we take you around places in Maharashtra that you've probably already heard of, we will also transport you right into its pristine core - inside its many untouched lands of endless surprises and unspeakable resplendence.

The appetizing concoction of Maharashtra's vibrant culture, vivid natural beauty, wondrous heritage and its congenial people is its highlight - and you don't want to miss it!

The Western Routes' tours are well researched and meticulously planned. We conduct our tours with a deep sense of respect towards our state and utmost concerns towards sustainable and socially conscious tourism.

We start our journeys as fellow travellers and continue through them as friends!

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