About Us

Who are we?

At The Western Routes, we are ordinary people driven by extraordinary passion and enthusiasm, and majorly smitten by the travel bug. We are determined to provide an experience of Maharashtra, free of cliches and bias; an experience encompassing the warmth, beauty and culture which the state has to offer. We at The Western Routes strive to provide, improvise and excel.

The Western Routes is a concept that found its roots in the love for one's native culture and state. It was founded in 2011 by Jayesh Paranjape who, after having walked other parts of the planet, returned to where his heart truly was - his Home!

Jayesh graduated with masters degrees in Environmental Science and Responsible Tourism Management. He has worked with Satpuda Foundation, Sanctuary Asia, Kids for Tigers, World Wildlife Fund - Indonesia, International Centre for Responsible Tourism, and so on, in various capacities. He has a wide experience spanning wildlife and environment conservation, nature based tourism, and village and tribal welfare.

What do we do?

We plan your travels within Maharashtra. Our state of Maharashtra has a brilliant mix of the high mountains, the refreshing sea, and the lush green covers; intersperse that with its rich heritage, an ancient and lively culture, varied cuisine, royal history, and warm people; the result? -- A combination that you don't want to miss!

And how do we ensure that you don't miss this? We make sure you get a chance to live not just amidst them but just like them! "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." -- Remember?

Presently, we offer you itineraries in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg on the Konkan Coast (Western Maharashtra); Aurangabad city and Ajantha and Ellora caves in the Marathwada region (Central Maharashtra); and Tadoba and Pench in the Vidarbha region (Eastern Maharashtra - Central India). You can also personalize these tours as per your preference.

Our range of offerings also include corporate and group tours, ecotainment kids camps, study tours, culture and heritage walks in Pune, and short trips around Pune.

How do you come into the picture?

We relate to you in a manner that best suits you. After listening to you, we design your travel with much thought and research, and with an aim to give you the best.

A tour with The Western Routes can be customised to your need depending on the activities you like - be it chilling on the beach while enjoying some delicious grilled pomfret or getting your hands all muddy making pots with the local potter, helping farmers in their farms or exploring the Maratha history of the numerous forts in the region.

We understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness, and strive towards serving you with that underlying aim. Some of the best home-stays are a central part of each tour with the Western Routes.

How do we give it back?

We at The Western Routes ensure that our guests take responsibility towards sustainable and socially conscious tourism. Environmental awareness and local resource utilization form the crux of our tours. Home-stays, entertainment by native cultural groups, purchase of products directly from artisans and utilization of local transportation services are some of the means via which we aim to give back. A few moments spent visiting local NGOs, between admiring the spectacular scenery and gorging on delicious local cuisine, would definitely add charm to the place, we believe.

We aim to please, and our testimonies speak for themselves; postcards from our guests with pictures of them dancing with the locals, full of mischievous smiles, glittering eyes and the expression writ large on their faces 'We Belong'. You do, indeed!